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How can Roland Hinds Media help you?

Ready to start writting your first non-fiction book?  Need mentoring?

Here at Roland Hinds Media we believe everyone has a story to tell.  If you are need of coaching and would like to start your first book, let us help you get started.

1. We will provide you with a firm direction on how to begin writting your manuscript.

2. Assist you in a developing your own writing style, which works for you.

3. Give you tips on how to seek out an editor, graphic book designer and how minimize your cost to produce a book.

Tell us what you need!

Starting Price: $500.00

Learning how to self publish your book with minimum expenses!

Roland Hinds is available for group lectures and consultation on how to produce a quality book with minimum expenses.

1. Find out how to get your books on major book stores and distribution outlets.

2. Who has a better print price? Make more money by reducing your per book cost.

3. Choosing an editor that fits your personal writting style.  Your editor would be the equivalent to your spouse in producing your book.

4. What does your book say about you? Learn how to develop a book cover that will sell your book.

5. Building a relationship with the media before your book release. Find out ways on how you can get quoted in major magazines and other publications.

6. Learn about the importance of submitting press releases to the mass audience, an online presence and search engines. No one will know what you are doing until you tell them.

Group Lecture Starting Price:  $1500.00
Private sessions available!

Producing a radio show online can promote your cause or agenda! Why radio?

1. Learn how to produce a radio show that will enable your listeners to connect with you and your platform.  You will need a format!

2. Find out how get guest(s) to appear on your show. Remember, publicity is a 2-way street, so let's work together!

3. Get tips on how to properly present a radio show. Live or pre-recorded?  Your choice!

4. Do your research beforehand and avoid yourself any embarassing moments?  Obtain information on how to prepare for a potential guest.

5. How to promote your cause to everyone? Learn how you can use social media to let everyone all over the world know your platform.

(3) 45-minutes telephone sessions: $500.00

Contact us at 661.513.4048 or via e-mail: