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Relationship Educator and speaker, Roland Hinds (Bio) has interviewed several hundred guests with intense personal challenged backgrounds over the past several years on TruVue Relationship Radio.  He has addressed various subject matters including, incest, AIDS, and cancer awareness. 

As an author, he reach captive audiences who are interested in breaking the cycle stemming from past dysfunctions.  Hinds, is currently preparing to launch a new digital interactive magazine, Vow based on the marital nuptials.  He believes understanding and applying the wedding vows can save many relationships.

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"Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?"

Learn valuable life's lessons on how to confront your past behaviors by creating a functional new relationship!
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Television appearance - Literary Speak with C. Debra Thomas Pasadena, CA Studio - November 13, 2010

Roland's quoted: Get Your Guy to Break His Bad Habits


New Best Selling Author: "Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?" is a self-help book that is designed to assist the reader in breaking old habits, which may be stored in his/her emotional closet.  If you are contemplating a new relationship, going through a divorce or trying to get over a breakup.  Married and want to figure out how you can regain the connection with your partner? This is the book for you!  His next book due out in 2013 titled, "Living in the World - Dating Christian" is geared towards how to date and be a Christian.

AYTROFM helps the reader to potentially identify issues and displays how to work past pertinent issues before getting into another relationship. You may read the content and excerpt section to get a feel of the book.

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Lecturer / Speaker - Need a speaker?  E-mail him your request for his availability and he will be pleased to share his teachings with your audience.  You will not want to miss an impactful moment to hear him speak about his book,  "Are You The Right One For Me?" He has a diverse amount of topics, which he loves to share with colleges, churches, military personnel, book clubs and other entities. Topics include: The 4 C's of a Relationship, Introduction to M.A.C. (Cleaning Out Your Emotional Closet), Returning to Default - Not An Option, Setting Boundaries, Relationship Resume, and Jesus, will you HELP me?, BHM - From Slavery to the White House. He also offers a great deal of biblical discussions geared  towards building spiritual transparency and a Christ centered relationship.

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Executive Producer / Host of TruVue Relationship Radio - Hinds steps it up a notch by broaching many serious topics such as, AIDS, Incest, Domestic Violence, Sexual Trauma, and other serious topics.  TruVue Relationship Radio focuses on motivation, upliftment and self improvement.  The show often features many MFT, MD's, PhD's, and other informative guests who have numerous amount of information. What you will hear on TruVue Relationship Radio is from the hottest independent film producer, music and poetry from other talented artist. The two year "FREE" online radio show airs every Thursday at 5:00 PM PST on Blog Talk Radio Network.   There are over 180 inspirational shows available in archived for listeners to enjoy 24 hours a day.  Shows can  be dowloaded into your iPods or onto your computer.

 Guest Darcel Fahey said, "Roland was a great host, very easy to talk to."

Bob from said, "I have never heard anything as gracious as this broadcast. To hear the women tell of themselves and to share is great."

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